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FAQs About Putting A Baby Up For Adoption

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Being sexually active without being in a monogamous relationship is very risky. The reason why is because there is the possibility of getting pregnant by someone that you don't intend on having a future with. If a pregnancy test came back with positive results and you are stressed about becoming a parent, steps can be taken to make the situation easier to get through. There are adoption agencies that you can go to for guidance to ensure that the right decisions are made during and after the pregnancy. Browse through the information in this article for questions and answers in regards to getting help from an adoption agency.

Will a Counselor Be Available?

It is common for adoption agencies to offer counseling to their clients. You will have access to a counselor early in the adoption process so he or she can help with making the right decision about your baby. The counselor will be useful for overcoming any emotions that you feel, such as if you feel guilty about not wanting to keep the baby. He or she can also provide advice in regards to keeping the baby and taking advantage of different programs to make being a parent less stressful financially.

Who is in Charge of Choosing Adoptive Parents?

It will be up to you in regards to how the adoptive parents are chosen. If you are concerned about the family that your baby will be placed with, you have the option of choosing the adoptive parents. You will basically be shown photos and given personal information about the potential adoptive parents. However, the adoption agency can carefully choose the adoptive parents on your behalf if you want them to do so.

Will Financial Assistance Be Provided?

It is possible for you to receive financial assistance if you decide to give your baby up for adoption. An agreement can be made with the chosen adoptive parents for them to provide financial support to help you get through the pregnancy. Assistance with renting an apartment is one of the financial services that might be provided. Your food, utilities, and other necessities might also be taken care of.

Can a Relationship Be Maintained with the Baby?

There is the possibility of maintaining a relationship with your baby after he or she is put up for adoption. However, the adoptive parents will have full rights as the child's parents. The only way that you can maintain a relationship with the baby is if a legal agreement is made between you and the adoptive parents. 


8 February 2018